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January 22


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The winter morning was chilly as three cats padded out of camp on a hunting party. Fawnheart shuddered looking around. "No wonder why prey is so scarce" swiftpaw gave a nod walking beside Fawnheart. Walking ahead of the two she cats walked Dewpool who had his eyes narrowed as he thought were the food would be. "Let's try around the old camp there's less snow there" swiftrose nodded."OK" she picked up her pace wanting to get out of the cold faster. "Last one there is a mouse" she ran off laughing. Fawnheart blinked after swiftrose then ran after swiftrose quietly. Dewpool raced after them both easily passing Fawnheart after a few strides.
       Fawnheart skidded to a stop seeing a squirrel on a rock and crouched down. Dewpool stopped and turned around seeing that Fawnheart had stopped and turned his head spotting the squirrel and crouched circling around to block of its escape. Fawnheart waited another moment then rushed forward.  The squirrel twitched its tail then shot off avoiding fawnheart and dewpool and raced for the nearest tree. Dewpool shot up the trebgrabbing its tail jumping down and slammed a paw down on its neck.
      Swiftrose came running back. "Whats taking you bothbso lon---oh" her eyes landed  on the squirrel. Dewpool buried the squirrel in the snow. "Nice spot fawnheart!" Fawnheart dipped her head shly. "T.thanks" she stuttred shly. Swiftrose raised her tail. "Ill caught the next one!" She raced of toward the old camp flicking her ears listening for any sound of prey. Once she reached the old camp she looked around then snuffed around but stopped at the sound of small claws on rock and looked up spotting the mouse. She crouched down then darted at the mouse catching bit then picked bit up.
      When she grabbed the mouse she looked up hearing a loud noise and saw some large rocks coming toward the three cats. The three cats races out of camp and skidded to a stop and turned around all three pairs of eyes wide in shock. Swiftrose dropped the mouse panting. "OK never going in there again." The other two nodded slowly calming down.
    The three cats hunted for a while and started back for camp having caught a few more prices of prey without any more incidents.
Sorry its so short band sucky I'm no good at writing >~< sorry if they seemed IOC I tried my best to keep them ic
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